Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Look Mom, there's the trailer park!"

Well, I heard a sentence uttered from my children's young mouths that I never thought I'd hear...yep, that's right folks, the Dows went camping....RVing the Yogi Bear camp site in Warrens, Wisconsin.  We took the new ride to try it out and had a great weekend.  We cooked out, swam and had a great time just hanging out as a family.  Thank goodness Chris knew his way around a motor home...we needed his expertise (a few mishaps along away) but we really had fun and the kids loved cooking out and exploring the campsite.  I can say Chris and I were the only couple there without "body art"!!!  Maybe for next time!!!  We left the day after Emily's pool birthday party...I can't believe she waited 6 months to have her birthday party but we had a High School Musical good time.  I'll post more photos soon.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Summer Day!

Good Morning and Happy Summer!

I am so enjoying July all ready!  We had a great July 4th party that started at lunch and lasted until dinner.  Now the kiddos and I are enjoying just hanging out, seeing movies, and of course swimming a ton.  

I did start working on my Becky Higgins school kits yesterday and figured out how I am going to combine 2 years of preschool and how I am going to house those pages.  I went to Archivers last night with my sissy Kiki and found these cool cloth covered albums for their school days books.  Emily's is red and Ben's is green.  I am setting a goal to get those pages caught up by the time school starts.  We'll see how that goes!

I'm off to get my hair cut and colored today...very excited about this because it has been a long time!  I'll post some 4th photos soon!