Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy Dow Summer Continues!!!

We have had a super busy June but as of yesterday about 10:30 am I was officially done!   Starting with Emily's graduation in May it has been a busy non-stop month!  Besides the pool being finished up and all that it entails, we also have had 4 camps between the 2 kiddos including me being the Craft leader for VBS and having to plan for 100 campers.  We did have some fun though including my cousin and her family coming to stay with us last weekend...the Doyles rock and we had non-stop fun the entire weekend!   I'm just not sure who had more fun, the kids who played awesome all weekend, or the husbands who are new bffs! (or Sara and I watching all of this play out!)  We scrapped on Friday night, and came home to two very tipsey boys.  Saturday was a day of breaking in the pool (and the slide that was installed Saturday morning!) We ate, drank, swam and ended the evening playing cards.  Our kids went to bed willingly each night practically falling asleep when their heads hit the pillows...they were troopers!  Sunday was pancakes (thank you chef Chris), Ikea and a graduation party at the Mulvey's house.  Thus, this takes you to the last niece....Dr. Megan Mulvey!  How cool is that?  She is a doctor of audiology and the ceremony was cool.  Megan had her whole family there to cheer her on and we all were treated to an awesome Italian dinner via my sister and brother-in-law at this awesome restaurant in Chicago.  All in all June 2008 was packed full of fun but I am happy to sail into July only having to be a bum and hang out with the kiddos.  I am dreaming of sleeping in, drinking coffee in my jammies in my scrapbook room while the kids watch cartoons and then spending the afternoon swimming with friends and family.  Either way I will be sure to be blogging much more often this month.  Happy summer to you all! (and if you can make it come by to see my clean garage, have a beer and a swim too!)  

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Officially Summer for the Dows!

I know our summer has officially begun because so many "end of the year" events have taken place in the past 2 weeks!  First we had Ben's last day of 3rd grade.  I can't believe it but I cried!!  I just think 3rd grade is the last real "little guy" grade...after that it's getting ready for middle school...and I think my kids are just growing up way too fast!  Ben had an awesome 3rd grade year and is just the coolest kid I know!  He's still doing Tae Kwon Do and as you can see recently earned his high red belt.  In September he tests for Deputy belt and then is in training for his black belt!!!  He's also attending Tae Kwon Do camp this summer and he's really excited about that.  His master and wife are both just such great teachers...they really enjoy the kids and have so much to share.

Anyway, then there is "Princess Em" and she has had quite the busy end of the school year.  Again, she's growing up WAY too fast!  She had her graduation from preschool the end of May and again I cried!  I loved Kids Connection preschool and felt like they really loved my kids and wanted the very best for them.  Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Panzera were great and I will miss going to see them in the fall.  I can't believe I won't have any more kids in preschool!

A few weeks after graduation Emily had her 3rd dance recital.  She did a tap number this time and her costume was plenty gaudy for her!  She was of course the littlest one on stage in her class but her attitude and sass was bigger than everyone's!  We had lots of family at all the above events and for that we are very greatful!  Our poor family has done nothing the past few weeks but pay homage to my kids...thanks family!!! 

 Anyway, good news with the pool, we have concrete and mechanicals.  They come back today to hook up the electric and tomorrow the landscaper will be here to start to redo the patio.  It's coming along and we MAY be swimming by this weekend!  Most everything should be done by next weekend when my cousin and her family comes to stay with us (I am so excited to see her!)  I will post photos of the pool soon.  They took the cover off yesterday and we got to see the inside for the first time.  IT WAS SO CLEAN!  Really, after growing up with a pool it was amazing to see the bottom with only a few leaves!  Hopefully that means smooth sailing from here on out.  Enjoy the nicer weather and try to eat outside as much as possible this summer...remember everything tastes better when you eat it outside!  I really think that is true!  Bon Appetit!