Friday, January 6, 2012

Desk Refashion...From Drab to FAB!

You know you talk about your DIY dreams too often when your girlfriend calls you from a Garage Sale to tell you she found the perfect desk for your daughter's room.  It was all of $15!  Yep...I have that kind of girlfriend...and she's WONDERFUL!

Here is the beast.  I love the lines but it needed a fresh coat of paint and the laminate pulled off the top...ugh!  Super Hubby to the rescue!!!

I had a piece of glass cut for the top and some day soon I will decoupage some FAB scrapbook paper to the top!  My darling daughter chose some mix and match knobs for the top drawers.  For the lower drawers I chose to scrub the pulls clean and add some silver spray paint.  The space in the middle is very small so we chose a pink chair from IKEA for the time being. It turned out FABULOUS... if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Christmas

Here is a peek at our wonderful Christmas was spectacular!  I enjoyed every little bit.  Even some of the things about the holiday I usually dread became joyful.  I am so blessed!

The BEST was the boy's Choir Concert and all the Swing Choir performances!  It's those kind of activities that really make the season bright!

Our happy little family on Christmas Eve in front of my Mom and Dad's tree.  We always spend Christmas Eve at their house with my whole family...such a great time!

My parents with all 7 of their Grandchildren ranging from age 9-29...and their Great Granddaughter Grace.

My Mom accompanying her musical grandsons...lots of singing when our family gets together...hmmm...I wonder why?

My nephew Conner helping Emily try to find the "Pickle" on the tree.  The winner gets $1.  I don't think it's the's the prestige of being the WINNER!

Here is my nephew-in-law D ready to kick some Nerf butt...I brought a HUGE tub this year filled with all of Ben's Nerf guns and darts...I think the Dads had the most fun!

My beauties on Christmas morning...around 7:30 which is sleeping in for them on Christmas Day!

Emily receiving the most wanted gift from ipod Touch...and a good mouth cleaning from Miss Honey.

Ben opening his most wanted 360...oh the fun that will be had by all the neighborhood boys!

Chris, opening a gift from me...but he squealed like a little girl when he saw the Justice box.  Emily thought he was crazy!

Miss Honey, lounging on her Christmas stocking.  She got some treats, new tennis balls and the ever popular rope toy!  She's so proud!

Our breakfast table for Christmas morning which was filled with pancakes and fresh fruit.  Yum.

The girl...enjoying her new techie device!

Good Morning!  Merry Christmas!

Christmas night.  My sister invited a few of us over for a yummy dinner and we had to bring some of our new games...Jenga was the hit of the night.

My kids don't go back to school until Thursday.  The decorations and trees were all taken down yesterday.  I am usually one to be happy to put all the holiday behind me but this year I truly enjoyed each and every second.  Even making the dreaded Cranberries and Rice for Christmas Eve dessert.  And that is saying something!  I am feeling blessed right now.  I think I'll marinade in the Christmas glow awhile longer.