Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day Snow Day Happy Happy Snow Day

I know people think I'm nuts...but I still love snow days.  I still feel like a little kid when we get the news that it is so bitter or snowy that we should all just stay home.  But, I somehow think that my thunder was stolen when this new superintendent of schools went to an automatic call system.  Yes, it's efficient, yes it's quick and yes, we were notified last night in the nine o'clock hour that our kiddos were home today...but where is the anticipation of it all???  I remember listening to WJOL radio, patiently, wishing they would stop jabbering and just tell us all ready if our school was closed.  They'd tempt you with the thought by telling you they had school closings to report but you'd have to wait until 3's or after this interview or after a long, never ending chain of commercials...ugh!  I wanted to know as soon as possible!!!   And then the moment we all waited for...THE SCHOOL CLOSINGS!  They'd read the list, alphabetically of course, and I'd wait, sitting at the edge of my kitchen chair with my face as close to the radio as possible...and when they finally said the name of my school....I'd yelp and cheer like they had just won the state championship in something.  And then I'd be so happy that I didn't HAVE   to get up and go to school....but I was WAY too pumped to go back to sleep....agh!   The agony of it all!  Now that I think about it...I did get to sleep in getting up and making unnecessary peanut butter maybe this automatic call system thing isn't so bad after all.  "Didn't have them in my day but ya know I had to walk up hill, 2 miles, in the snow to school..."  or so I'll tell my children!  So, if you are reading this and you are fortunate enough to have a snow day too (Kiki, Christine, Sara) then enjoy your day!  If you, however are reading this while wearing a pair of shorts....go jump in the lake!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ice Princess!!!

I am known to hate cold weather.  I can admit's just too...too...cold.   Really, I mean in the Midwest it gets "bone chillingly" cold...not to sound cliche.  But I have been THAT cold, many times!  (Last night is one example.)  At times like this I must take a hot bath, sit by the fireplace (very close) or just suck it up and buy a ticket to Florida to "thaw my bones".  But...I am turning over a new leaf.  Yep!  I am embracing this cold weather after 38 years.  I mean really, I went to the University of Iowa for 4 about cold weather!  And I married a wonderful man from HERE and his career keeps him HERE until we retire.  So, I am going to list all the things I like about winter...  here we go.

1.  UGGS (so cute and so warm!)
2.  everything so white and quiet
3.  the cozy things associated with winter...soup making, fires crackling, snuggling
4.  cute sweaters, coats, hats and scarves
5., I'm out!  

See, just the obvious things to love about winter, things that are obviously good about winter but these items could be tackled with a nice trip to Wisconsin for the weekend!

BUT NOW I HAVE A REAL AND TRUE REASON TO LOVE took my adorable pink daughter to show me that winter is awesome when you have your own ice skating rink and new ice skates (courtesy of Santa) and can spend HOURS pretending to be the Ice Princess (Disney movie...not bad...kinda cute).  So, people, if you are like me and don't really enjoy the winter season...come on over, I'll make you a cup of cocoa or tea and you can sit with me and watch my very happy 6 year old enjoy winter more than I ever have...and her happiness is contagious too!

And...check out the heartwarming photo of her brother HELPING  her skate at of the reasons I always wanted a brother...too cute!  I just love that boy to pieces!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Did you hear it? Al Frankin won a Senate seat in Minnesota and I think we need Stewart
Smalley in government! Do you remember Stewart from SNL? Did you ever see "Stewart
Saves the Family"??? If you haven't, it's Friday night, stop at the video store today and RENT
IT!!!! It's such a great will love Stewart...he's endearing...he's lovable...he does self
affirmations! My favorite scene from the movie (without giving anything away) is when he asks
his sister Jody, who struggles with her weight, as she's freaking out about a family tragedy how
quickly she could get to a pound cake?? You have to love it! So next election...get out and vote
and write in Stewart Smalley...and see the won't be disappointed!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!  Well, I finally downloaded my Dec. photos (while I cleaned Chris' office and threw in laundry) and I am sitting down in honor of my sister and my eldest niece and updating my blog.  I don't even know what to was a great holiday...loads of fun and family and lots of days in my pj's with the kiddos.  How lucky am I?  I was happy that school was back in session though...I needed to clean my house and get back into the "groove".  This week I've cleaned like a mad"merchandised" some areas and started working on Uddy's office...the man needs to spiff up his space and I am just the girl to do it!  We are painting the bathroom in the basement a really nice grey/blue and getting new towels and a rug and some new accessories.  I also want to invest in some of that cute organizational wall "stuff" for Uddy's office.  I love a new year and a new start...if I only got that excited about excercise I'd be so skinny!  Oh well!  Here are some of my favorite shots over break...ENJOY GIRLS!!!