Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ice Princess!!!

I am known to hate cold weather.  I can admit's just too...too...cold.   Really, I mean in the Midwest it gets "bone chillingly" cold...not to sound cliche.  But I have been THAT cold, many times!  (Last night is one example.)  At times like this I must take a hot bath, sit by the fireplace (very close) or just suck it up and buy a ticket to Florida to "thaw my bones".  But...I am turning over a new leaf.  Yep!  I am embracing this cold weather after 38 years.  I mean really, I went to the University of Iowa for 4 about cold weather!  And I married a wonderful man from HERE and his career keeps him HERE until we retire.  So, I am going to list all the things I like about winter...  here we go.

1.  UGGS (so cute and so warm!)
2.  everything so white and quiet
3.  the cozy things associated with winter...soup making, fires crackling, snuggling
4.  cute sweaters, coats, hats and scarves
5., I'm out!  

See, just the obvious things to love about winter, things that are obviously good about winter but these items could be tackled with a nice trip to Wisconsin for the weekend!

BUT NOW I HAVE A REAL AND TRUE REASON TO LOVE took my adorable pink daughter to show me that winter is awesome when you have your own ice skating rink and new ice skates (courtesy of Santa) and can spend HOURS pretending to be the Ice Princess (Disney movie...not bad...kinda cute).  So, people, if you are like me and don't really enjoy the winter season...come on over, I'll make you a cup of cocoa or tea and you can sit with me and watch my very happy 6 year old enjoy winter more than I ever have...and her happiness is contagious too!

And...check out the heartwarming photo of her brother HELPING  her skate at of the reasons I always wanted a brother...too cute!  I just love that boy to pieces!


Megan said...

That bottom pic of em is adoreable! You forgot to add that you love winter weddings. ha ha.

Sara said...

LOVE IT!! So glad you ended up getting that for her for Christmas--looks like a good investment! I will update after work today! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I love Ice Princess and Brother Bear. TWO ADORABLE KIDS. Great pictures to scrap!!! Love, Kiki