Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!  Well, I finally downloaded my Dec. photos (while I cleaned Chris' office and threw in laundry) and I am sitting down in honor of my sister and my eldest niece and updating my blog.  I don't even know what to was a great holiday...loads of fun and family and lots of days in my pj's with the kiddos.  How lucky am I?  I was happy that school was back in session though...I needed to clean my house and get back into the "groove".  This week I've cleaned like a mad"merchandised" some areas and started working on Uddy's office...the man needs to spiff up his space and I am just the girl to do it!  We are painting the bathroom in the basement a really nice grey/blue and getting new towels and a rug and some new accessories.  I also want to invest in some of that cute organizational wall "stuff" for Uddy's office.  I love a new year and a new start...if I only got that excited about excercise I'd be so skinny!  Oh well!  Here are some of my favorite shots over break...ENJOY GIRLS!!!


Megan said...

thank you for updating! Cute pics!

Sara said...

Did you check my blog? Did you get my resolution? Since I updated yesterday, we are all going to have to update!! (and vice versa!)

Went to HL today and got the fa la la stick for the slice. Can't wait to use it. I am supposed to get the 365 kit today. I haven't really been very good this week about taking pictures. We will see!!

Are you guys doing anything over MLK weekend? I have the weekend off, and was thinking it might be time to scrap again...let me know!

Kristi said...

That's what I like to see - the two cutest kids on the planet. Looks like cousin Sara wants to scrap. What about having her come up for a visit to that new place I found in Naperville? Then we could scrap in my scrappy room and yours too - move locations for a change of atmosphere. Happy Frickin New Year!!! Let's DO IT!!!!