Friday, January 9, 2009


Did you hear it? Al Frankin won a Senate seat in Minnesota and I think we need Stewart
Smalley in government! Do you remember Stewart from SNL? Did you ever see "Stewart
Saves the Family"??? If you haven't, it's Friday night, stop at the video store today and RENT
IT!!!! It's such a great will love Stewart...he's endearing...he's lovable...he does self
affirmations! My favorite scene from the movie (without giving anything away) is when he asks
his sister Jody, who struggles with her weight, as she's freaking out about a family tragedy how
quickly she could get to a pound cake?? You have to love it! So next election...get out and vote
and write in Stewart Smalley...and see the won't be disappointed!!!

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Anonymous said...

you have a fat sister too. I like myself. I am good enough. I look in the mirror and people like me.