Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Mantel Decor

Do you ever get an idea in your head and you just HAVE to try it?  That was me this July 4th.  Why?  Who knows!  But I decided that although I was having house guests for 3 nights and hosting a party for 20+ people...I also needed to decorate my mantle with a homemade banner. to Hobby Lobby I went...idea in head.

I purchased 3 bandanas for $.99 each and brought them home ready to CREATE!!

I am new to sewing and not exactly worried about making everything PERFECT at this time so I just got out my scissors and started cutting.  I cut each bandanna into 4 smaller squares.  I then ironed each square so my next cuts were more even.  I took the squares and cut out triangles with room at the longest end to fold over and stitch.

Next, I ironed the longest ends over twice to make a nice edge.  I left room at the top to thread some twine through for hanging.  I know you can sew it right in but I wasn't sure how far apart I wanted each triangle.  Good thing I waited because I started this project thinking I wanted lots of space between each triangle and that wouldn't have worked on my mantle.  See?  There is some bonus to being a novice without a real plan!

I cut the 2 remaining edges with pinking shears...I love those zig zag edges!

Once the tops were sewn I went around the other 2 sides with a small stitch.  Again, not perfect and no measuring occurred.  Just sewing!  

When I reached the point I left the needle down, lifted the foot and turned the triangle so I could sew up the other side.  EASY!  And although there was little measuring...I think it turned out REALLY cute!  What do you think??

The star is an old purchase from Kane Co. Fair...the glass vase is filled with sand and the mini flags were 4 for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby.  EASY!

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Sara said...

A-MAZE-ING!! Loved it!! So cute-you make me think even I could sew! ;)