Friday, January 6, 2012

Desk Refashion...From Drab to FAB!

You know you talk about your DIY dreams too often when your girlfriend calls you from a Garage Sale to tell you she found the perfect desk for your daughter's room.  It was all of $15!  Yep...I have that kind of girlfriend...and she's WONDERFUL!

Here is the beast.  I love the lines but it needed a fresh coat of paint and the laminate pulled off the top...ugh!  Super Hubby to the rescue!!!

I had a piece of glass cut for the top and some day soon I will decoupage some FAB scrapbook paper to the top!  My darling daughter chose some mix and match knobs for the top drawers.  For the lower drawers I chose to scrub the pulls clean and add some silver spray paint.  The space in the middle is very small so we chose a pink chair from IKEA for the time being. It turned out FABULOUS... if I do say so myself!

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Betty Beguiles said...

I LOVE that chair! I am such a sucker for pink. ;)