Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy May!

May is becoming such a busy time of year now that the kids are in school! The top photo is from Sunday at Aunt Kiki's....the bigs played soccer with the littles and they had a great time!  The next photo is of sissy on her very last day of preschool!!!   (If you can believe it Momma shed some tears!)  I loved preschool with both the kiddos and I can't believe that phase of my life is over too!  Next year, kindergarten...and the only time both my kids will ever be in the same building for a year!!!  This week I am going on a field trip with Ben's class to a rock museum.  I think I took my 3rd graders there when I taught??  Ben is really excited to go and see the rocks!  Emily's graduation practice is tomorrow and Thursday night is the actual program.  This weekend she has a soccer game and next week I will be at Ben's school for field day on Monday, Tuesday is Emily's dress rehearsal for her dance recital, Wednesday is Ben's last day of school and Thursday is Em's recital.  The cherry on top will be her last soccer game that Saturday and then summer will have officially begun for the Dows of Shorewood!!  

When I can find time (haha) I am starting to work on photo organization with Stacy Julian's "Photo Freedom" and that should be time consuming but worthwhile in the end. 

The pool is actually seeing some progress today.  Although it's cold and wet they are out there building a retention wall (should have come on Sat. when it was warm and sunny!)  Anyway, if we could just get the walls done then the pool guys can pour the concrete and put the mechanicals in and the progress continues as scheduled...for all of you who would like a nice place to swim...keep your fingers crossed!!  Happy Tuesday!

***Side note, Patrick got great news today....epilepsy is completely gone!!!  I am so happy for kiki!  Miracles do happen every day!  Yahoooooo!


Megan said...

damn my boyfriend looks cute in that picture. He told me Emily was cracking him up! Yay for Jershy too! I am so sad I am missing the recital and the graduation...I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!

Sara said...

Awesome! What a great post!

xoxo me

Megan said...


Debbie said...

They grow up way to fast don't they... :O(