Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Place!

Ben went to his first Tae Kwon Do tournament 2 weeks ago and he did really well!!!  He won first place in board breaking (he had to break 5 boards in a row!)  Chris was there (I was at Em's soccer game) and he said he was almost in tears it was so cool!  Boy was focused and ready to get his hands on that first place trophy!  I think he wants to start going to tournaments now.  I am so proud of him for trying new things lately.  He wants to try Tae Kwon Do camp this summer too...they even have a day where they make authentic Korean food for lunch.  He's getting so BIG!

The other photo I took through my sidelight window of a birdie in my flower pot.  She sat there for a long time and I just kept shooting photos.  Since the flowers have moved to the back yard for more sunshine.  As for the backyard, the pool was coming along and now is at a stand still for a week due to the landscaper's schedule...that stinks!  I would just like to get my backyard back and be done with all the dirt and rock!!!   I'll post a new photo soon.

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