Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is more of my scrapbook room.  I have my new color drawers...thanks Stacy Julian!  Also, here is the green drawer so you can see how cool it looks with all your color coordinated embelishments together.  The book shelf holds my stamps, paper and idea books.  I will need more space for more stamp sets soon so I am working on an idea for that.  I'm also working on a new way to store my ribbon.  Right now they are all in a pretty decorative box but it's a mess in there!  I love how the room is always under construction...ready for my next organizational idea!  Wait til you see how my sissy (KIKI) organized her clear stamps...it's way too cool!  Maybe next time! (Hint:  I stole her idea...it's even cute and decorative!)  I told her she should take photos and send the idea to Creating Keepsakes magazine...they'd publish it for sure! 

By the way, the girl is doing very well with her new holes in her head...she loves looking at herself in the mirror!  Cutie!

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