Monday, April 28, 2008

The Girl Got Her Ears Pierced!!

She was SO brave!  Here she is getting them dotted...the finished product and then talking to my parents in FL while eating Dippin Dots!  She can't stop baby has her ears pierced!


Megan said...

AWWWWW MY BABY GOT HER EARS PIERCED!!!! She might be going to college soon because she is so bigger!

Sara said...

Sweet! Although, now Kate is VERY jealous--I told her no until she can take care of them by herself! I am such a mean mama!

I will keep you updated on the trip with the Mouse...we leave Thursday and are back the 8th--staying at Port Orleans and John's sister, husband and 3 kiddos are coming too! Should be fun!

The weight loss extravaganza is over, and John lost 31.8--I am down 8 too! It rocks--I hope Disney doesn't pack too much back on!