Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Look Mom, there's the trailer park!"

Well, I heard a sentence uttered from my children's young mouths that I never thought I'd hear...yep, that's right folks, the Dows went camping....RVing the Yogi Bear camp site in Warrens, Wisconsin.  We took the new ride to try it out and had a great weekend.  We cooked out, swam and had a great time just hanging out as a family.  Thank goodness Chris knew his way around a motor home...we needed his expertise (a few mishaps along away) but we really had fun and the kids loved cooking out and exploring the campsite.  I can say Chris and I were the only couple there without "body art"!!!  Maybe for next time!!!  We left the day after Emily's pool birthday party...I can't believe she waited 6 months to have her birthday party but we had a High School Musical good time.  I'll post more photos soon.


Sara said...

You know, they make HSM temp tatoos--maybe you should all wear some next time!


Sara said...

I will get the FB up this week ( I hope!) He had a GREAT time, although John said there were a few tears...Kate is a photographer in the making!