Monday, August 11, 2008


This photo was taken on our super fun RV trip...Ben just loved "camping"!!!
O.K.  So I am lame and I know it but I've been busy and need to down load some more new photos.  Ben's birthday is Wednesday and we are having a Kung Fu Panda swim party!!  Today I went to the Will Co. Superintendant's office to register to substitute teach...yep, something that resembles a real job!  I really did the whole dragging the kids around town to do errands thing and they were great!   We even spent time at Target getting a few last minute school related items (ie. gym shoes and outfits!)  I think Em and I are going to see one of the last American Girl shows ever in Chicago next week (thank you Lauren!) and the kids and I are going to sneak in a few fun trips before school starts on the 25th for Ben and the 27th for Em!!!!  I promise to post new photos soon.

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Sara said...

If you don't post soon, I may have to think I am looking at Megan's blog!! ;)