Monday, August 25, 2008

It's All About the Boy!

This August it is all about the boy....On Saturday, Aug. 23rd, with both sets of Grandparents present Ben earned his deputy belt, which makes him one step away from his black belt!  It was a 2 hour event but he was very pleased when he was done and can now just work toward the final goal.  Then...2 days later he started 4th Grade!!!   Where has the time gone?  It seemed just yesterday I brought home this 8lb. 8oz. baby boy and now he is just amazingly big and independent.  But he was excited to start 4th grade and enjoyed all 2 hours of his first day.  (what's not to like in 2 hrs?)  Tomorrow he has a full day and Wednesday...I will be updating with photos of the girl's first day of kindergarten.  (Another one I just can't believe!) Today we went to school to do a quick meet the teacher and put away school supplies...and even that was highly exciting.  She just can't wait to get on the school bus with the neighborhood kids and go to school and although I know I will get all teary and sentimental, I am happy that she is so ready and excited about school.  

I will also post photos soon of my original lazy suzanne creation...I am working on a project for my kitchen table...we shall see!

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Megan said...

Boy looks sooo big! I can't believe sissy is starting Kindergarten! I can't wait to hear about it.