Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get Right Back to Where We Started From

So, needless to say my title is from that great 70's song I  used to sing while naked on the fireplace.  I am not at all sure why all of my words are underlined but when I figure it out I will correct it.   Anyway, Emily was watching a movie and eating her lunch after a long morning of kindergarten and this song was playing with the credits...do you remember it?  I used to love that song...was it Captain and Tonile?  Not sure, I wasn't into groups at that young age.  Anyway, I wanted to post 3 new photos.  The first is a photo of my children with my cousin Sara's kiddos...they came for a surprise visit in August before school started and we had so much fun.  The kids love their cousins and Sara and I never have trouble finding things to talk about!  We took the kids to the Brookfield Zoo the day they got here and it was fun....but hot!  The next photo is the hand-made lazy suzanne I painted and decorated 2 weeks ago.  What a fun project and fun to have on the kitchen table too!  And finally, the last photo was of Emily at the American Girl Store on Labor Day.  My niece Lauren got 4 free tickets for the very last public show and so we invited our neighbor and her daughter to go with us to eat lunch and see the show.  The girls loved it all and it was a great ending to a super busy but fun weekend!  I will post Em's first day of school photos soon...I havent' even looked at them yet!   Uh!  I am also going to post a photo of my new bestest friend....interested????  I bet I got you thinking and wondering!  
The projects this week included a bunch of overdue dusting...like the big stuff.  And today it's the hall coat closet.  The happy news is Em's coats from last year still fit (thank you Grandma Pat)!  So now it's just a matter of buying a winter coat for the boy.  These kids need to stop growing so darn fast!   All right, time for me to "get right back to where I started from"  in the coat closet.  Happy Tuesday!


Sara said...

Awesome for you! You are an inspiration-I have cleaned out the closets though, and NO ONE fits into ANYTHING!!! sigh!

Can't wait to see the new B.F.F...a doggie?!?!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was your bestest friend!! I'm sure you will be posting a picture of the beautiful Aunt KiKi. Awesome craft - cute picture of my favorite AG Emily. Stop cleaning everything - you make the rest of us look bad.