Monday, September 22, 2008

Organizational Tips

I have some great organizational tips for you today!!!  The top photo shows the hanging file container I keep in my kitchen by my phone.  I got the white hanging file folders and the blue and green file folders from the Container Store and they weren't too expensive!  I then used my label maker and gave Ben and Emily each a hanging file folder labeled with their names.  Each child gets a blue folder labeled "school" and a green folder labeled "Activities".  In each school folder I put their supply lists, any important notes or calendars to hang on to and sheets of labels with each kids' names and grade on it.  I print labels out before school starts and use them to label supplies, and I put labels on their water bottles each day (that way they aren't drinking out of water fountains and it's easy to tell to whom the water bottle belongs.  I also label hanging file folders with "Family" and "Receipts".  In the family folder I label file folders for "gift certificates", "menus", "coupons", and one with my name on it for my important papers.  I put any and all receipts in that hanging folder.  It makes returns very easy!!!  Anyway, I came up with this system when Ben started First Grade and I've been tweeking it every since.  I think it's finely tuned now and ready to share with others.  Remember, any good organizational system has to be easy and work for can't be something that is a chore to keep up.  (I am really directing this advice to my sweet and loving sisters!)  Happy organizing!


Anonymous said...

Organizational is like Patience - God either gives it to you or he doesn't. When I was in line for that trait I must have been bypassed because I wasn't paying attention. Offer is still good for cleaning out my pantry. A check for $30 will be hanging on the door waiting for my baby sister to take it for a job well done. Your pictures of your organized life make me happy....because you will make sure my room at the nursing home is organized with air-freshener and wipes and chocolate!! I won't smell like pee and I can eat sweets all day waiting for you to come visit me to pluck my chin hairs. BE ORGANIZED MY SWEET SISTER!!! You are awesome. Can you make some labels for me with my name on them because I lose everything? :)

Debbie said...

I LOVE the tips... Now you have to post a organizational tip of the day everyday.. come on I know you have nothing better to do LOL