Friday, September 12, 2008

OK...I'll Admit It...I Have an Addiction to Organization...

This post is dedicated to Debbie, my neighbor...all of my photos are sideways...just for you.  I won't admit that I don't know how to turn them the right way but I will tell you Debbie, that some day you are magically going to click on "Thoughts and Snipits" and see that Amy Dow has indeed learned how to fix her photos and then what fun will that be?

On to issues bigger than my lack of computer savviness (is that a word?)....Let's talk about my obsession to live in a completely organized environment.  Some thought that as my children gradually went back to school, I would find my self home, lonely, bored and wishing for a paying job.  Well, the paycheck would be nice (hey, Mr. Dow, how about some cash for your woman for all she does around here??)  but the truth is I have dreamed of this time for many years.  Not to say I am wishing away my children's childhoods and yes, sometimes I feel right at home in the mess, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking on an organizing project in my home and feeling the sweet victory of completion!  My great grandma Nelson had something when she said that she liked to iron because she could "see where I've been"... it must be in my blood! Really, that is the thrill of it!  Besides making space in my home, I also love the thrill I get when I complete a project!  This week I completed 2!!!  Can you believe it?  And above are photos of both.  

#1 Was the hall coat closet.  I started by making piles of everyone's coats and then the kids tried on each coat to see what could stay and what needed to be passed along.  Uddy managed to get rid of a few he's been holding strong on...I was ready to do a little dance when he gave up one.  He did however, keep the orange ski vest that hails from the 90's when we all tended to wear everything too big.  If you see him in it this winter please feel free to make a comment to help him see the light on that one!  Anyway, our intention had always been to do the Elfa system in that closet too but the $100 gift card we were going to use toward it this January was burning a hole in my Coach bag!  I mean come on, when you get a thrill organizing like me, to walk into the Container Store and not walk out with AT LEAST $100 worth of bins and organizing supplies is CRAZY!  So I got a sweater organizer from Target (under $10) and used it in the corner to hold the craft paper and supplies.  Now the kids can take out (and put back) their craft supplies when needed.  And I have more space on the top shelf for my camera bags.  But please know that some day this closet will be blessed with an Elfa system too.

OK...on to today's project...#2...I cleaned out the storage area in the basement this morning, and it was done by the time the short bus pulled in front of my home!  If it was an Olympic sport I would have been a contender for the Gold.   I condensed holiday decor, I vacuumed (Dad would be so proud) and tossed and filled the mini van with items to help keep the Goodwill in business for a good long time.  The photos tell it all, its just glorious to behold and I am beaming!  Now, I just need to get Uddy to clear his stuff out and we are golden!  We'll see, he likes to work on "Dow time".  

So, to all those doubters who thought I'd be bored being a stay at home mom...look out!  Because when I run out of spaces in my home...I am coming after yours!


Debbie said...

I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog **sniff sniff** LOL... Hey maybe I can show you how to fix those pics one day... :O) Debbie

Sara said...

NICE!! You got it sista!! I threatened Kate last night, if she doesn't start picking up her room, I won't ALLOW the cleaning lady to step foot in it!! Amazingly, this morning, you could see the floor!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I believe that anybody who has a wonderfully loving and helpful oldest sister one should go over to her house and organize her. You can start with my pantry. The $30 check will be hanging on the pantry door. I'm serious!!!
You and I are not sisters - one of us must have been adopted. The only thing in my life that is organized is my baby sister Amy.
How about a trade? For every closet you organize I will make you dinner for your family for a night that you work? ORGANIZE me my sweetest sissy!!! I love you!