Monday, September 29, 2008

Doing Very Well...Thank You

To all who were praying for my dad here is the update...he's doing very well, they were able to put 3...yes, 3 stints in his artiery (sp!) and he won't need bypass so that is WONDERFUL news.  He had the procedure today and just needs to stay in the hospital I will be packing up my photos that need albuming and books that need reading and heading to the hospital tonight to hang out with dad until morning.  That way Mom can get some rest so she can take good care of her patient tomorrow.

He will need another stint in sometime before Christmas but they will get a chance to have some sun time in Florida before that.  So thanks for the thoughts and prayers...they worked!  Have a great week and for all those scrapbookers, check out Ali Edwards week in the life challange...I think that is my mission next week???  We'll see!

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Sara said...

WHAT HAPPENED?!??! Call me when you get a chance!