Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 39th Birthday Chris!

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet husband.  I will post the official "Birthday Festivities" another post (what's appropriate to post...haha!)  But today, I would like to reflect on all the reasons I love you.  So  here it list of 39 reasons I love you...(ready?)
1.  You are cute
2.  You used to be very patient (you say I beat it out of you but I know it's still there somewhere)
3.  You're cute
4.  You are always willing to rearrange your schedule to help me when I need it.
5.  You're cute
6.  You listen to Radio Disney in the car with the kids.
7.  You're cute
8.  You walk with me an hour almost every weekday morning!
9.  You're cute
10.  You put me to bed almost every night.
11.  You're cute
12.  A good meal and a trip to Barnes and Noble is truly a good date night for u
13.  You're cute
14.  You gave me 2 beautiful children
15.  You're cute
16.   You never complain about all the bad meals I make
17.  You're cute
18.  You're fun to be with
19.  You're cute
20.  You encourage me to find time to scrapbook and do things I enjoy
21.  You're cute
22.  You watch House Hunters with me
23.  You're cute
24.  You take care of all the business type things in our house like registration stickers for our license plates and insurance cards
25.  You're cute
26.  You spoil me!
27.  You're cute
28.  You are a good sharer!
29.  You're cute
30.  You iron
31.  You're cute
32.  You always open doors for me
33.  You're cute
34.  You surprise me with coffee in the middle of the day
35.  You're cute
36.  You are ALWAYS willing to go for ice cream
37.  You're cute 
38.  You make me laugh

Love you!


Amy Dow said...

I am cute!

Amy Dow said...

Chris Left that last post

Sara said...

Happy Birthday cutie--

love your b.f.f. and his wife ;)

Megan said...

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit because that post was so cheesy. ha ha. jk. love you

Anonymous said...

Please read this post about Mr. Cute the next time you want to wring his neck, which will probably be in about a day or two.
You forgot: He buys you Tiffany jewelry, he is semi-handy, he let you take up your whole backyard for a cement pond, HE IS A HUGE KID!! and a very nice guy. Happy Birthday Uncle Uddy.