Monday, October 6, 2008


Two days and counting until we leave for the happiest place on earth...of course my big fear is someone is going to wake up the morning of the 9th with a raging fever and we stay or do we go?  I am already making my bargins with God...just let us get through the next week without any illnesses and I will (fill in the blank.)  I know that doesn't work but the pressure is crazy!

Other happening news...Mamma and I are going to Oprah (the female happiest place on to Nordstrom) and we are excited.  I am crossing my fingers it's someone famous or there is a free giveaway of some kind.  I will let you know.

Of course my kids still have NO IDEA we are going to Disney so shhhhh!  And because I am trying to pull off this massive secret they've both been invited to birthday parties I've had to call and lie about and Ben has a big project due the day after we get back!  Uh!  So we finished that tonight and it's going to school tomorrow.  Cross your fingers we can pull this off without anyone getting ill!!!  (or finding out our secret!)  Shhhh!


Anonymous said...

Advice from Doctor Kiki - if you wake them up and they are sick - GO ANYWAY!! Kids get well as fast as they get sick. I can testify that the ER in Orlando is awesome. I've been there a few times as a matter of fact. The only good thing about being sick in Disney is that if you put them in a wheelchair you get a front row seat to all the parades and you don't wait in line as pathetic is that but I have been there and done that so look at the bright side you can sneeze right on the characters if you are right up in front. Have fun! Wish I was going with.

Sara said...

I totally agree with your sister. Have SOOOO much fun--and we can re-live and scrapbook the whole thing in a couple weeks at the retreat!! Can't wait!

xoxo me