Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pantry Project

I went to Kiki's house last weekend to help her clean out her pantry...honestly it wasn't that bad!  I took some before and after pictures to show our progress.  Note the "Cupcake drawer" above...only Aunt Kiki has a drawer with cupcake papers and sprinkles for every holiday.  A whole DRAWER!!!  It was fun to go through a real cook's pantry.  There are so many cool dips and sauces that I wouldn't know what to do with...an entire wall of cookbooks she loves too much to toss...and some really cool cooking appliances (she actually uses them!)  I love that she could probably put together an amazing 6 course meal at a moment's notice while I am sure I don't even have all the ingredients for sloppy joes.  It was a nice Saturday morning, just add two happy playing kids and a cup of hot coffee and it was a great day.  Now, Kiki has a clean pantry and I got to spend a morning with my sissy...it's a win win!  (and Megan, if you say anything snotty I am banning you from my blog!)  jk


Sara said...

cool! You are so organized--I think I am, but you are the QUEEN!!

Megan said...

I resent that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the clean pantry LiL Sis! You are amazing and you didn't even yell at me. The only thing you said was you don't understand how we can be related - but I'm sure glad we are. It is so cool to be able to open the doors of that pantry and see everything I have and not have to dig!! YIPPEE!! YEAH SISTER!!! You rock!!