Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 3...MGM Studios

Hello Prince Caspian!  On Saturday (after we called Dr. Lee to get some albuteral and a nebulizer) we traveled to MGM and had a great afternoon!  We rode Star Tours, saw the Indiana Jones stunt show, and the Muppet 3-D movie!  Ben got to make his own light saber and we obviously saw Prince Caspian and went on the Narnia tour.

We really had a great time and rented a stroller so Em wouldn't have to walk and be in the hot sun.  I thought she was on the mend but little did I know the worst was yet to come!  We also saw Jon and Kate plus 2 again that morning. They were all dressed up...couldn't have been heading to a park since the weather was hot and humid and not at all dress up weather!  It was a fun afternoon and we managed to do quite a few things in just a few hours. I was disappointed that the HSM parade wasn't happening, they were getting ready to do a HSM3 revamp...doesn't that figure??

Hey, I was looking up Jon and Kate plus 8 on google last night and came across a blog written by "Aunt Jodi's" sister.  WOW  very eye opening and lots of info regarding how things really are.  I tend to believe her because what she says makes sense and Aunt Jodi is on her blog in a video clip.  Also, did anyone catch Kate and the 6 littles on GMA this morning?  How did she get from FL with the twins to NY with the little kids so fast?  It's interesting!  Anyway, have a great Thursday.  I know I am...everyone went to school today and I got to shower, get dressed (in cute clothes) and head out to do some errands. I can get quite a bit done in 2 hours!  I picked up some coffee at Bed Bath and Beyond (yum yum...they had Pumpkin Spice Green Mt. k cups!)  then to Michaels where I picked up some scrapbooking items 40% off...then on to Target where I found 2 cute sweaters for ME...and a cutie pumpkin chair cover for Em's big girl chair (that hides the taped up part my darling hubby "fixed")  Also, all Archer Farms snacks are 15% off today.  I got some yummy dried fruit to snack on and some raspberry yogurt bars.  One last "yummy"...have you ever tried "IZZE"  sparkling fruit drink?  It's good and counts as 1 serving of fruit!  How great is that?  Well, on to make some sauce for dinner tonight. (Tae Kwon Do night!)  Tomorrow will reveal the fun day we had on Sunday....emergency room and all!)

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Anonymous said...

I love Narnia! Cousin Lauren was Lucy in Narnia her senior year. Looks like you had a great time.
Never tried IZZE but I've seen it. Thanks for the suggestion. It's probably great for people on the go!
Love you! KiKi