Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a Trip!

Well, we did it!  We surprised the kiddos Thursday morning with our trip to Disney...they were VERY VERY VERY surprised!  Chris surprised all of us and upgraded our seats to business class...WOW!  We were spoiled and now only want to fly that way!  The trip to Disney went without a hitch and when we got to the hotel Mom got the biggest surprise...Guess who I saw walking out of the lobby when I was walking in????  JOHN AND KATE PLUS 8!!!! (only they were John and Kate plus 2...just the twins).  We ended up seeing them 4 or 5 times during our stay.  They stayed in our hotel on the top level and were escourted around by Disney employees.  I never saw anyone bother them but it took all I had not to say.."Hey, big fan, can I have a photo???"  Chris did get a shot of them at a distance but you have to look closely to see it's them.  I recognized Kate by her hair and when I first realized who it was I was shocked!  It must have shown on my face because I looked right and saw John and he kind of laughed at my reaction.  Emily, Ben and Chris saw them too.  I've never been "star struck" in my life but I was over the moon to see them and I don't know why.  I guess I had Gosslins on the brain because I fell asleep watching the show the night before we left and thought about them and the trip they took to Disney on the plane (really thinking how much easier it is to travel with my 2 now that they are bigger and helpful.)  Anyway, it was like seeing the Mouse for me!  Rather cool. 

The first day we hung out at the hotel, swam, shopped at the gift shop and had an early dinner and went to bed early so we could go to the MK the next day....more on that tomorrow.  But here's a teaser...the parks are so cool all decorated for Halloween!!!!


Anonymous said...

So it was John and Kate plus 2 and Chris and Amy plus 2 at the Wilderness Lodge at Disney World. I'm jeolous!!! Sounds like a great trip. KiKi appreciated all the great shots I was sent from Christopher's I-phone.

Megan said...

hey! I wasn't sent any shots!

Sara said...

don't worry meg, I didn't get any either!! lol!!

Can't wait to see the pictures--you better get them all developed before Nov.7th!!

So awesome!! :)