Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disney Continued...Day 2 (Friday)

Day 2 of our trip was our first day at the Magic Kingdom...yippee!  I took my smart cousin Sara's advice and made sure we were there to see the rope drop.  I was FIRST...YES FIRST in line at the boat dock to get on the boat to go to the MK and my family thought I was nuts but then, when the boat arrived and the line was WAY WAY long I was then the family SUPER HERO!!  We saw the train arrive with all the characters and the song being sung and the MK was decorated all cool for halloween and we enjoyed Fantasyland and got on rides quickly and rode Splash Mountain and the Peter Pan ride and Chris rode the Dumbo ride with the kiddos and we had a lot of fun.  We wandered around, saw characters (Donald Duck etc.) and ate lunch and then headed back to the room for some much needed rest about 2pm.  That evening we got the kids dressed in their costumes (Em, a HSM cheerleader and Ben a Star Wars dude) and traveled back to MK for dinner (hot dogs, corn dogs, yummy) and had the BEST time of the whole trip!  We rode rides (Em was a bit sad she was too small for Space Mt.) and watched the Halloween parade (started with the real headless horseman) and saw the absolute BEST fireworks display EVER!!!!  It was really fun to wander the park at dark and see all the crazy costumes.  The kids got pictures and autographs with Pooh and Eeyore and got to trick or treat throughout the park.  It was a GREAT night...definitely a highlight of our trip!  And we got home and crawled into bed about 11:30 or so...lots of fun!


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I hope you are going to do a mini book or several pages on your great trip!! I have two packages of free stuff from Archivers we got for crop nights that I'm going to give you that are red and back and will be great Disney pages. I won't use them so I will give them to you Sissy.