Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Charlotte is Here!

Look what I found today!  I was mowing the grass this afternoon (a tedious task after a weekend of rain) and I found the most beautiful spider web on my magnolia bush!  Later I went back to take a photo of it and this is what I found!  She's HUGE!!!!  I brought the kids outside to see her and they were in awe!  We also have at least 2 frogs and dozens of toads in our window wells.  I tried my best to get a photo but between the screens and the window well glass no photo would turn out.  (boo hoo)  So, we are a regular animal kingdom here in Shorewood!  Who needs a dog when we have exotic pets like spiders and amphibians!  

Tonight is soup and sandwich night at the Dow's.  It's Curriculum Night at school so we need to eat quickly and head over to Troy for some fun with the teachers.  Em is doing much better in kindergarten.  Her favorite part is "Homework!"  Can you believe it?  Monday's assignment was to write your phone number and practice it.  Well, she knows it with the area code so that was an easy assignment!  She's really cute when she gets off the short bus and tells me all the things she has done that day!

I did talk to the substitute coordinator last night and I will start subbing soon...if not next week then the following week.  And she said she could probably keep me busy every Monday and Wednesday...yahoo!    Well, it's time to start working on sandwich night...yummy!

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Anonymous said...

That is a speecy spicey spider!! IT's so big it doesn't look real. I always liked homework too! Tell Em she is same same as Aunt KiKi - NOT!!