Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures of Fairies!!!

Happy Wednesday!  This is a photo of Emily with her "Fairy Houses" she built in our backyard.   What a fun activity!  I read about it in Family Fun magazine and thought it would be fun to do with my girl so we went to grandmaPat's and papa Shel's and collected leaves, berries and twigs and brought them home to create our great fairy houses!   She loves running out each morning to see if the fairies have been there!  I love my imaginative girl and her creative mind!  Today it's mini heart shaped pb&j sammies and putting up some halloween decorations. 

The fabulous camera above is my NEW NEW NEW mini digital camera my sweet sweet hubby got me for and early b-day gift.  It's faster than my old mini digital and very easy to use for techno-challanged people like me!  Maybe now I will take some time and figure out how to post upright photos...well, we'll see about that!  Enjoy the beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

Aunt KiKi believes in fairies and I saw these beautiful creative fairy houses and they are adorable. I think the best part of the activity is that Grandma and Papa were running around their property picking up special nuts, twigs and bark for the fairy houses. I can't rememebr Dad making fairy houses when I was little. I love imagination projects!! Great Job Emily!!