Friday, January 1, 2010

A Dog's Christmas Letter

Dear Humane Society,

I wanted to thank you for rescuing me from that kill shelter in March. You managed to bring me a mile from my forever home. You see my Mom was on and saw my photo and fell in love with my face. She said the deal was final when I tried to give her my only bone…I was a good sharer!

Now my name is Lucy and I have a family. I love to run around with my 2 kids and my boy walks me and feeds me every day. I sleep on a warm pillow at night and on one of the family beds during the day. I love to snuggle and play fetch and Mom says I am really smart! I also have 2 cousin dogs, a lab and a cock-a-poo puppy and we all have so much fun playing together!

My family says I have great house manners and I am a really sweet dog (my boy and girl even took to calling me “Miss Honey” as a nickname.) They felt bad when they saw all the other homeless dogs at the shelter. After lots of thought my human kids decided to save all their change for 10 months and use it to buy gifts for the shelter dogs.

Here is a photo of my kids and I by our family Christmas tree. (Mom is so proud…I never even try to eat an ornament!) I am very happy in my new home and we wish for all the dogs here a warm place to sleep, a full belly and a fovever family to love.

Merry Christmas,

Lucy and the Dow family


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

That was so sweet to save him. we need more people like you. Good luck on your garage sale!
Bonnie :)

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

Oh Amy, I admire you so much for rescuing sweet Lucy! She is such a cute girl and looks so happy with your kids. I have heard so many heartwarming stories about people who have rescued pets. If I'm ever in the situation where we decide to bring another fur baby into our house, I would go to the Humane Society. I am so glad you and Lucy found each other!