Friday, February 4, 2011

If You Don't Like It...Paint It!

It's been awhile...I know. But I think I'm back for good. I mean...with all the time I spend browsing DIY blogs and Mommy blogs I really want to get back to the writing! I have been busy this January. I'm trying my hand at sewing place mats. I found a pretty simple step by step plan on one of my favorite new blogs here and I've decided that if I can't find place mats I like, I need to get busy on my new sewing machine... Right?

In regards to my Mom's neighbor is AMAZING! Seriously, the woman has the most original eye for decor...and she can make any space look magazine ready on a shoestring of a budget. Years ago when we moved into our old house she came over to give me some decorating ideas. She saw a pile of items and asked what I was doing with them. It was old baskets, plates, etc. I told her I was sick of those items and was sending them off to Goodwill. She gave me some EXCELLENT advice, "If you don't like it, paint it." Those were some profound words and she was a woman WAY ahead of her time! This story is important because I have been trying to "lighten up" my family room. I love the decor but it's a bit dark. We don't have a make over in the budget, so I thought adding a few lighter touches would brighten up the space. I started with accessories. I got this cute wooden magazine holder (ok...I know, it was not originally a magazine holder...but that's what it is now :) at the Kane County Flea Market years ago.

It's traveled all over my house. It has been filled with greenery and ornaments, candles and everything else imaginable. I love it!'s brown. I love brown, but I have quite a bit of it in my house. Something has to go. Enter...INSPIRATION...spray paint! I love the distressed look and with my snazzy Cricut Expressions I can cut vinyl....

spray paint+vinyl= CUTE!

I's very trendy to put numbers on things these days and I love that...but there is NOTHING better than a monogram! (Right?!) is the new and improved "magazine holder."

What do you think? I LOVE IT! I am feeling inspired! What can I lighten up next?? I will let you know!

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Megan said...

Great job! I love it.

Sara said...

I love it too! You are SOO crafty! ;) xo

The Inspired Nest said...

It looks great! I just took a toolbox that my son made and made it look old and frenchy. Come by and check it out!

Michelle said...

It looks so fabulous! Great job!