Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Have You Been Up To?

I don't like the days when I am so busy I don't have time to sit, or think or reflect...I just DO!  Today has been one of those days.  I don't know if I need to start making a schedule and planning out my days but I know I don't waste time and find that on the days I am not teaching, I am crazy busy...but doing WHAT?'s a picture of today...
6:10am:  Turn off alarm.  Wake boy and get him to take a shower so his teachers don't call him the "smelly kid".
6:25: Head to the laundry room.  Let Miss Honey out...filled her food and water bowls.  Threw in laundry load 1 of 6 for the day.

6:30am:  Start working on breakfasts (ie. cereal for boy and oatmeal for girl.) Set out vitamins and juice.  Move on to lunches.  Sandwich for the boy, soup for the girl.  

Lunches and water bottles are ready to go!  (We have decided to give up using plastic water bottles this year.  We stocked up on aluminum water bottles and so far so good.  Ok...I say that and today Ben was instructed to bring home the 3 bottles that he had in his locker.  We're TRYING!)
7:10:  My very sweet neighbor picks the boy up in our driveway (since it's been so cold outside) and waits with them at the bus stop.  One kid to go.
7:10-8am:  I help Sis get dressed, her backpack loaded, hair done and if there is time...we read.  I love being home to get her ready for her day.  If I am substituting then I am out the door by 7:45 and her Dad takes her to the bus stop.
8:15-9am: Took a 3 mile walk with Chris and Lucy...had to take advantage of the Midwestern meltdown that is happening right now.  Seriously, it's getting warmer, snow is melting and it's staying light outside longer in the evenings....shhhhh...don't tell anyone but I think the groundhog was right!
9-10am:  Shower, dress, laundry.
10am-11am:  Worked on my writing piece.  Editing...editing...editing! (Thanks for your help Mom!)  In between times I was folding and switching loads.
11am-1pm: Headed out to the mall...hunting for new pants, shirt and tie for the boy who is being honored as Student of the Month tonight at the School Board Meeting.  SO PROUD!  (Not loving the fact that we are not very close to any good shopping to make this task easier!)  After several different trips to 3 or 4 stores I found the tie...2 shirts...and pants for the boy.  
1-2pm: Ran to the Junior College to visit eldest sister and see if her secretary (aka: Computer Whiz) could help me with a technical computer problem I was having.  Ran through the car wash on my way home.  Love that winter is melting but really frustrated at how grimy and dirty it makes cars and garage floors and house floors!  Ugh!
2-3pm:  Vacuumed house to keep up with all the grime and salt that is making it's way into my home.  
3:30pm: Got the girl off the bus and helped with homework and snack.
4:00pm: Sent kids outside to run around while I sat here and blogged.  Whew!  And the evening is still young!  We will be heading to our local Subway for dinner tonight and then it's off to the School Board Meeting to honor my boy.  Always a TREAT!  

Anyway, the point of all this rambling was to show that my days "off" are filled...packed...jammed with so many "to do" items I forget to take a bit of time for myself.  Feed the soul.  Feed the mind.  Whatever.  It's the kind of day that pops into my head when people ask me when I am going back to work full time and don't I get bored at home.  BORED??  REALLY??  That would be a NICE CHANGE!
Wishing you a "BORING" day!   :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh You are my hero! A place for everything and everything in it's place!! I aspire to you and honestly know that mom must have dropped you on your head because you always match, your house is always clean and organized and you seem to get a million things done in a day!! When I grow up I want to be just like you!!