Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy hearts is how we celebrated...

Here is what the kiddos saw when they got up this before school!  (Dad was in Florida so no Valentine breakfast for him.)

This was Emily's place.  (pssst...I made those place mats...what do you think?)

This was Ben's place setting...they both got Barnes & Noble gift cards and some love candy!

Here is Emily's Valentine box and cards to pass out to her classmates.  We made the box a PURSE (how cool is that?)  And the cards are a download I found on Etsy...they're Valentine Fortune Tellers...a 2nd grade favorite.

This is us at her Valentine's class party.  I planned all the games and the menu.  Hazard of being a parent at the school where you used to teach (kidding!)  See her cool 14 shirt?  Made it! Yep, I did.  I got the idea and ran with it.  It looked so cute on her too.  The kids had a great time and were SO SO SO well behaved!  The party was first thing in the morning because they had an early release day so by 10:30 we were all partied out! (Oh, can't you see my fancy necklace?  It was my gift from baby girl this morning...along with a handmade card...LOVE IT!)

While everyone was gone I set the Valentine's table for dinner.  Complete with a menu!  Now I need to go cook for the family.  I hope you had someone to love today.  Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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