Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Being "Artsy"

I love all things artsy.  As a child I knew I wasn't "artsy" but I loved coloring, crafting and even scrapbooking (yes, I made scrapbooks before I knew what they really were!)  I sometimes wish I could spend all my free time doing "artsy" things.  I would take one whole day to make headbands...the next day I may spend the day with photos of my family and try to create scrapbook-worthy pages.  I love the different adhesives, ribbon, patterned paper, gems and ink.  I love browsing through scrapbook and craft magazines.  (add a cup of hot coffee and I'm in HEAVEN!)  I think my daughter may be an "artsy" girl too.  She loves to make things....she had BIG ideas...she sees treasure where others see trash.  I think my desire to be artsy may have transferred to her in the womb...because she IS!  She makes up some crazy outfits or crafts but I can see her mind working and I can ALMOST see in her eyes that some day she will do some AMAZING artsy things! is my version of "artsy"

And right now, at age 8, here is hers...

Make your own paper doll outfits...HOW COOL!  I would have LOVED this book as a kid!  I think I will pretend...just for today...that I am 8 again...gotta go find my bestie so we can be "artsy" together!
Have an "artsy" weekend!

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