Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Room Projects....Take 1,000!!!!!

Yes...another project in the "Pink Room!"  When I FINALLY finish this room my darling daughter will want to change it.  I just know it!  Oh well!  We rearranged her furniture after the holidays and it left me with this blank wall in the corner...

I don't like blank walls but what to do?  What to do?  I decided to take a cue from Centsational Girl and try an edited version of this.  The girl creates a lot of art and decorating her room with it would really be a "win-win" for us both. is the FRUGAL part....I already had all the items to create the idea I had in my head....

1.  frames
2.  white spray paint
3.  clips
4.  IKEA shelves
5.  art!

I had my WONDERFUL hubby hang 2 IKEA picture ledges I got from my sister....about 2 years ago!  (I knew they would come in handy some day!)  

No, he's not scowling...he has a something in his mouth.  "Bad idea, honey!"  Anyway...he was quite THRILLED with another "honey do" job...really!  I don't think I give him enough (HA!).  So, I had all the frames...just add a bit of white paint and some Tim Holtz bronze mini clips and "Tah Dah!"

I have yet to hang art in the 3 empty frames because I have yet to get my handy man back in there to put the necessary hardware in to hold them up....(shhhh!  They are currently just hanging there via some Sticky Tack!   Not the frames...the clips.  The frames are mounted on the wall with Command Velcro picture hangers...LOVE them!)  I got the idea to hang empty frames and put clips in them from Family Fun magazine.  I think it was in an issue last year.  The idea behind it is so that children can hang their own art and switch it out by themselves.  GENIUS!  I thought so and this idea has been tucked in a corner of my little brain for I can free that corner up for something important!  The empty frames were from my local thrift store, the other 2 frames were hand-me-downs from my Mother (thanks Mom!) and they originally came from Pottery Barn (score!)  I love that my sweet little pink thing can create something new and display it immediately...not when Mommy gets around to it!  (whew!)  

Now...would you like to hear about our next little project in this pink room?   Well...this one kind of came about because SOMEONE...I won't name any names...decided to hang from her curtains and PULLED THE HARDWARE AND MOLLIES RIGHT OUT OF THE WALL!!!! (ugh!)  Look!

Here is where the CUTE Pottery Barn tie backs USED TO BE!!!!

But wait!  I start thinking..."Look at how clean it looks. more yaya around the window...hmmm....maybe that little turkey did me a decorating favor???"
After a mini conference with hubby the executive decision was made to spackle...paint...and leave it bare!  The trim is beautiful...and the magazine rack that I hung a year AFTER the curtains is now not so crowded.  I think maybe a cute handmade pennant banner would be fun hanging at the top of this window???  Maybe with some of the old curtain fabric along with fabric from the  NEW upholstered headboard we are making this summer...OH THE PROJECTS KEEP COMING!!!!  YIPEE!  (Insert groan from husband here!) lol!  Oh well!  Bring on the spackle!

I'm having a 31 Party tonight...ever heard of it?   If not...go here and check it out!  My amazing cousin Sara would be happy to help you out!  She's driving here as we speak from Champaign, IL just to do a party for me!!!  xoxo to Sara!  So...enjoy your weekend!  I know I will!

p.s.  Look what we did with the knobs off the PB tie cute!!!

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