Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun Weekend and Cute Bags! (What Could Be Better?)

Here's a little 411 on this past weekend...it was SO much FUN!  Let's go in the way back machine to last November.  We traveled to Champaign, IL (in the in-laws' RV) to visit my cousin and her family and attend a U of I football game.  The husbands were psyched to tailgate with the RV for the mere fact that they wouldn't have to travel far to use the bathroom (really?)  We left on a Saturday morning and picked them up in our glorious ride to head STRAIGHT for the tailgating area.  When my fabulous cousin loaded her tailgating items in the RV I immediately noticed her AWESOME bags!  I was in awe.  I couldn't stop drooling over them...but the big question..."WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE CUTE CUTE CUTIE CUTE BAGS??"  Mind you, I think I said that before I even said "hello" because I LOVE A CUTE BAG!!!  (I'm sorry but...who doesn't?)

My cousin told me about a company called "31"...I'd never heard of it but I was TAKEN with all the CUTE bags in their catalog!  She'd been to a few shows so she had LOTS  to show me.  I was hooked...I needed some 31 bags...but HOW?  I'd never heard of the company.  ME!  The girl who has had almost every home party known to mankind!  I knew I'd have to do some investigating.  Well...I didn't have to look far...a few months later my cousin called me to tell me she was becoming a 31 consultant...YIPEE!  I immediately told her I'd have a party and the planning began.  It had to happen soon because Momma wanted a cute polka dot purse for spring!

This past weekend we hosted a 31 party while the dads and kids went to a local pizza joint to hang out.  We had a GREAT time!  I had a wonderful group of women over to oooh and ahhh over the catalogs and all of my cousin's demo bags....what do you think happens when you get a group of women together with cute bags and endless possibilities?  Loads of shopping!

  But we weren't the only ones who had fun...the kiddos turned my basement into play central and even had a sleepover down there!  

We all got to catch up and it was a wonderful weekend!  Thanks Sara and John for making the trip simply to  sell some bags!  Kate and Griff...your cousins love you tons!  Here's to another fun weekend sometime soon!  If you are interested in 31 bags or just want to check out the catalog go here.  My cousin, Sara Doyle will be VERY HAPPY to help you.  

I will post when all the cute loot comes in!  Until then...I will hopelessly stalk the UPS delivery man!

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