Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning...and other Stuff!

It's March.  Just a few more days until it's "officially" Spring.  To many this means birds chirping, trees budding, flowers breaking their beautiful green stems through the dirt preparing to dazzle us all with their  beauty...a relief after a L..O..N..G  winter.  To me it means it's TIME TO CLEAN!  

A few of my favorite blogs are challenging readers to purge while cleaning.  I love this idea!  Of course this idea is presented days before I start teaching kindergarten full time until the end of the school year so I have to vastly scale down such an ambitious plan.  I started with our Master Bath with hopes to just wipe away all the baby powder and throw out some expired toiletries...well...4 garbage bags later (and 2 hours) I was done and it felt GREAT!  I didn't take "before" pictures on purpose...too gross!  But here are some snazzy "after" shots for you to admire!


Most of the bags came from this closet.  I downsized many of the bins from medium to shoe box size!   I threw out all those OLD little shampoo and lotion bottles from hotels we visited YEARS ago (yuck!)  I also unearthed a First Aid kit given to us before we married...almost 18 years ago!  We've NEVER used it...good bye!   Now our closet is home to necessary supplies.  Everything is labeled and the bottom shelves house my cleaning supplies.  Nice!


This drawer is home to all my hair-doing supplies and it was a tangled MESS!  Now it's clean and organized.  I will no longer spend time in the morning untangling cords so I can dry my hair or plug in my flat iron...AHHHH!


On a regular day I would NEVER show ANYONE my bathroom cabinet but I am so proud of my newly!  I am hoping this will shave 5-10 minutes off my morning routine!


Here is the view under Chris' sink...he's so pretty he doesn't need all the beauty supplies I need!  (Isn't that the truth...guys just get better with age...ugh!)

Although I only cleaned and purged one room in my house I am hopeful I can hit a few more spaces before summer officially starts...I'll keep you posted.  Until then check our this and this...these girls are getting it done!!!

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