Sunday, February 20, 2011

Basement Dwelling...Not My Thing!

I am not a basement dweller.  Don't get me wrong, I was happy when my husband wanted to "finish" our basement.  We actually started the project RIGHT when we moved in and I am glad we did it.  Our basement is "functional".  Chris' office is down there.  I don't mean a "home office" I mean his OFFICE.  No one needs to visit their real estate appraiser.  He does all the visiting so he chose to save money and put it in the basement.  It allowed him to be home often and he really did see our kids grow up.  I have many friends who wonder how I can possibly stand to have him home all the time but actually, I love it! He has his space, I have mine.  We meet in the middle (the kitchen) at lunch time or sometimes we get crazy and have a middle of the week lunch date.  I love my husband.  I REALLY love spending time with him.  I guess we are practicing for retirement and we are doing really well!  

OK...back to the basement.  Our basement is nice.  It has an office, a bar area with a refrigerator and a large television.  I have tons of closet space for the kids toys.  I had the nice carpenters who finished our basement put a door on the space under the stairs and that became the Christmas closet.  I have a small storage area and we have a half bath.  Sounds nice...right?  Well, the truth is, I hate basements.  Even with SUPER SIZED window wells it's still dark down there.  It doesn't help that I had the bead board and all the trim work stained kinda dark.  Ok...I know that was a bit of a 70's idea but hear me out.  Our last house had a finished basement and we trimmed out everything in white and it got dinged and nicked by the kids and looked beat up.  So I thought I'd give the basement a fighting chance and start dark.  I am lucky to have a place for all the kids "stuff" and a space for them to play their wii games and not be right in my beautiful family room but I still am not a basement fan.  That being QUITE clear now...let me explain how I handed off the basement choices to my husband and didn't have much to do with them.  I didn't care.  I still really don't but now I am a bit aggregated with my lack of basement decor participation.  Now I am back pedalling and trying to spruce it up a bit.  Here is a small...small...small...attempt to make my basement not seem so...(what's the word?)...generic.  Here is our bathroom (generic) vanity BEFORE...

Look at those LOVELY brass (plastic) knobs.  Yuck!  So...while wandering around Hobby Lobby last week I stumbled down the knob aisle.  WOW is all I can say!  THE CHOICES!!  I think I spent 20 minutes ooohing and ahhhhing over all the options!  Since I am a polka dot fan (hence the blog title) I settled on these babies...take a look...don't they make quite a different??? Don't you think?!

Here is one up close and personal...

Hello cutie!  $9 well spent.  Does it improve the WHOLE basement.  Let's not get crazy...they're just knobs...but it's a START!  And I think I can live with these babies for awhile.  Now...if I could just do something about the sink!  I think that will have to wait a bit!  Right now I have 3 screaming children down my basement and I don't think even those cute knobs will distract me from the MESS I am sure they are making!  Enjoy President's Day tomorrow!

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Sara said...

I gotta start my basement dwelling. Guess you don't want to help out?! ;)