Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Am Not A Killer! (Proof Below!)

Here is the "plant in question" right before his transplant.

OK...the title is dramatic but you have NO IDEA how excited I am right now!  I am kicking myself for not taking the ever popular "Before" pics because I NEVER NEVER NEVER in a million years thought I'd ever be posting about how I SAVED a plant. Yes, me...the black angel of plant death!  I SAVED not one but...TWO...YES TWO...COUNT THEM...1....2...PLANTS!  Here is how the story played out.  

A few months ago I was in hubby's basement office (if you've read previous blog posts you know...not my favorite space so I must REALLY love him...or need something).  I noticed that the ivy plant I bought him at IKEA was for lack of a better term...dying.  I decided since I'd spent good money on this plant...and I did go to college for goodness sake...I should be able to keep one tiny house plant alive.  Right?  Well, I tried anyway.  I brought it upstairs to the kitchen.  A much much MUCH sunnier place, trimmed off the brown leaves and gave it a big drink of water.  Then I set it on my kitchen island and waited.  Before I knew it the little guy came back to life.  And...a few months later he's GROWING!!  Yipee for me but not really blog worthy material...until yesterday! 

 I do really feel bad sometimes that my sweet, tolerant husband is stuck in the basement all day and I actually had 3 plants in his office.   I purchased  1 cactus (a U of A reminder for him...can't really kill those), one ivy that was now on my kitchen island and a mini philodendron.  Those are the wonderful plants for people like me.  Beautiful, green and can't be killed even if you douse them in gasoline and start them on fire...ok...maybe then but let's just say those babies have a will to live like no other house plant on the planet!  Anyway, 2 days ago I took one look at his mini philodendron and decided I had to be the paramedic.  It was PATHETIC to say the LEAST!  Here is where the kicking of myself comes in because if I were on my A-Game I would have snapped a "Before" shot.  I guess I have an extremely low self image when it comes to all things green because I NEVER thought I'd actually save the thing...BUT I DID!!!!  YES I DID!  IT LIVED! I gave it some water and put it under my pretty glass bell thing (no idea what the real name is...but they are CUTE!)  

I had the glass dome thing in the basement.  It is usually the cover for the guy I affectionately refer to as "Sparkly Santa"...but I may have to make other plans for the guy in the red suit because look at this...

(insert "ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs" here!)
Here are the two beauties I saved from sure basement death!  Aren't they GREAT?!  I actually replanted the philodendron once I was sure he was going to live.  He now resides happily in a Crate & Barrel chili bowl (I registered for like 50 when I got married 17 years ago..why??)  filled with a bit of tiny pebbles on the bottom...like this...

I didn't even need to add any more dirt.  I cleaned up the glass dome thing-y...here is what it looked like before a tubby...all humid and wet...

(note the brown paper bag in the background...I am making a trio salad for dinner...found it here...and I need them to ripen ASAP!)

Anyway, to some of you this may be no more than the ramblings of a crazy lady.  To those of you who know me well I hope your mouths are gaping open over the wonder of it all!  I think there will be more live green things around here soon...just to ward off any more snow and remind me that spring time and outdoor planting is really just around the corner!  (And yes, Mom, since you are enjoying sunny Marco Island...they may even come from you house...HA!)

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Anonymous said...

Good job plant killer - you usually steal plants from Mom's house when she heads south to Marco Island. You are a real big girl!! Proud of you.