Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Valentine Craft

  I love the idea of original home decor.   Seriously, I am over wanting what everyone else has.  I've even dropped my love of Coach purses...ok...I still love them but I'd rather have a cute boutique find that no one else has!

That being said I feel the same way about my house.  I don't want to decorate with items every neighbor has in her house...I want to be ORIGINAL.  So I was in the garage last week and stumbled across this picture frame that I ALMOST gave to Goodwill...(why???)

Then I got the good idea to paint it...but the stand wouldn't separate from the frame...hmmmm?  I decided it's tooooo cute to give away, I think the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true in this case!  I love that cute little frame...but what to do with it?  I decided instead of putting just another photo in there I would turn it into a cute holiday decoration.  I don't have too many Valentine decorations so I came up with this little number...and I am sharing my steps.   It was simple and except for drying time it came together very quickly.

I picked out some cute paper, traced the glass and cut.  Easy.  Yes, Mom, even you could do this!

Next, I found a chipboard heart in my scrapbook stash and painted it cream.  I used Making Memories paint.  I think the color was called "manila".  I gave it 2 coats and 20 minutes to dry.  I could have cut a heart out of vinyl too but I wanted it to have a 3-D look to it...FUN!

Then I chose to use my ever trusty "sticky tack."  It was one of my best teacher supplies and I still keep it around the house (need it when I want to hang a good paper or piece of art on the fridge, magnets don't work on stainless steel!)  By the way, I personally love the original blue sticky tack the best, it holds better.  I could have used foam dots or large glue dots but I didn't want to keep it this way forever and I didn't want to spend time cleaning the "stick" off the glass!  (learned my lesson one Halloween with those cute Martha Stewart decorations I just HAD to stick to my sliding glass doors...ugh!)

And there you have it...the finished project.  I looks great in this little nook in my kitchen.  I love that it's original and it was a FREE project!  Gotta love those!  Next week I'll share Emily's Valentine box and Valentines...oooooh!  I am so EXCITED about these!!!  xoxoxo

                      Happy Valentine's Day!

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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

ooo, so cute! What a great garage find. This turned out so nice.

I'd love for you to add this to Sweets This Week going on today.

Have a great weekend.