Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proud Momma...take One!

Do you see the cute boy in the center...the one with the microphone?  Well, he's my boy and I love him. Last night we went to a School Board Meeting to hear his speech and see him get his award for Student of the Month. 

 I can't help but getting sappy when I think about all the times we went to "Traveling Twos" class or Kindermusik and he wouldn't sit still or he had a FIT about having to give up an instrument....I was so worried.  I thought it was a peek into his school years.   I was sure he had ADD or ADHD and would need medication some day to be able to sit still.  I was REALLY sure I would get phone calls about how Ben couldn't follow directions or stop talking. 

 I WAS WRONG.  I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to "STOP WORRYING!!!"  I wish I could explain to her that he was just being little and he would get big and responsible.  He would get his black belt in TaeKwonDo and then work toward his second degree.  He would join the Speech Team, make the News Team, be inducted into the Junior Beta Club (that's an honors service society) and be in the spring play.  I wish I could tell my younger self to just enjoy this time.  Kiss and cuddle and forgive easily and let him be a little guy who can't sit still.  I love my big, responsible, thoughtful, smart, wonderful boy. 

 I try to appreciate, celebrate and spend time with him whenever I can.  Now I know that this time with him is fleeting.  He will grow faster each day.  Probably, by tomorrow, he will be taller than me.  He will be in high school in a bit over 2 years and then I will blink and he will be heading off to college.  Sniff.  I try desperately not to wish time live in the moment and remember as much as possible.  Because...all too soon I am going to long for my junior high boy who makes me laugh, shows me funny YouTube videos and still wants me to tuck him in every night!  


Anonymous said...

If you would have listened to your much older and wiser sister than you would have known that he was going to turn out great and be a smart, loving and gentle guy!! But why would you want to listen to your sister who raised three kids and you too at times!!! You are a good Mom!!

Heather said...

I have to find the box of tkleenex now! Ben was always a wonderful little boy in preschool, constantly wanting to tell a joke.
Really do miss him!
As moms I think we need reminders about how are children are fine and that they need to just be kids. So thank you for the reminder!