Monday, November 24, 2008

Highlights From the Big Day!

My baby is officially six...and we had a great birthday weekend!!!  Of course it started with the AG Fashion Show for Easter Seals and progressed into a party at our house for the family!  Em had lots of "fans" at the show and was just a bit frustrated when the 4 year old (who was her size exactly) didn't know when to turn and when to stop holding hands.  That kind of explained the sour expression on her face as she dragged her partner down the aisle.  Let's hope some day when she gets married she won't do the same to her husband...although I wouldn't put it past her!

It was a really fun day and Em was so excited to have all her family and her best buds (the Meaghers) over to celebrate.  (***By the way, it was Christine's b-day too...happy birthday friend!)  It was drinks, good food, and of course presents for the birthday girl!  Some of the most memorable was the lovely, sparkley dress given to her by her Godmother and over it, the perfectly "Emily-decorated" jacket she received from the Uncle Bob family....way to go Aunt Lissa!  She just added the sparkley purse from Katie Dow and company and she was ready for a night on the town, or pole dancing...which ever!!!

The sad news is our girl is down today...home sick with a touch of the flu.  But, we both decided while snuggling this morning that we were lucky she wasn't sick all weekend...that's my glass half full girl!

I was called to sub this morning and had to call back a few minutes later to cancel (love that sub job!)  when I learned my baby was sick.  Isn't mother guilt funny...we feel guilty when we work and guilty when we can't work because one of our kiddos is ill.   Of course my amazing, wonderful hubby reminded me that my #1 job is being a mom and that this is where I am needed most, where I am suppose to be and I felt so much better.  I remember when I was little what good care my mom took of me when I was sick.  I hope my kids feel that same complete comfort that they can just be sick and hunker down knowing Mom will take great care of them and do everything to make them feel better.  Like this morning, we snuggled on her bed and read books and browsed through toy magazines and she must have told me 100 times that she loves me...and now she's sound asleep hopefully dreaming about her fabulous birthday and getting better!!!

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Megan said...

That sparkle dress was a hit!!! She is so adoreable. I love her to death.