Monday, November 17, 2008

I Am a Blogger Loser!

According to my sister KIKI I am a blogger loser and if I don't change my post soon she is boycotting my my reading base will go from 3 to 2.   Therefore, I am making a list of what I am doing right now followed by a photo of one of my children...(request per Kiki).  So here is my list...

1.  I watched The Notebook last night...loved it!
2.  I am sailing through Twilight and loving it!
3.  I have baked and frozen 2 batches of Christmas cookies for the sale Dec. 6th.
4.  I have purchased 2 new pair of Old Navy jeans...the Sweetheart small they stretch!
5.  My new fashion love is (creepy enough) the BLOUSE!  They are cute and comfy! (and good for the girls)
6.  I was a mean 4th grade teacher today...the kids wouldn't stop talking!
7.  My children are making their own Christmas decorations because I am not moving fast enough for them.
8.  I used several birthday gift cards and Nordstrom notes to get some new spiffy Uggs and they came today!!!!!
9.  I ordered Em's birthday cake today...half chocolate, half white with white frosting, HSM themed of course!
10.  I made turkey tacos tonight for dinner and I plan on getting in my pj's tonight after Em's gymnastics class and making some yummy warm soft tacos for me and Uddy!  I may even crack open a beer!

So there...I know it's not thrilling or cliff-hangerish but this is my life right now...I will post again SOON KIKI!!!


Sara said...

Thank goodness you posted--I wouldn't want to have to ban it too-- lol!!

glad you are feeling the love of Twilight. I may start New Moon tonight...since JD's in NYC, I don't have much to do tonight besides a MMO staff meeting.

I will update my blog tonight too, just for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, It's about time sweet sissy. I love seeing MY kids up there on that blog of yours. You also have a nice scrapbook weekend you could be blogging about. Take pictures of your creative pages. You have things to blog you busy teacher Mom.