Monday, December 8, 2008


I always say I need time to stop for one day so I can get caught up.  Chris will even ask "What can I do for you?"  And I will say, "I need more time, please."  And guess what?  I got it today.  It all started last night when the substitute coordinator didn't call me to work today...of course instead of being happy that I have an extra day I go right to..."Why didn't she call me?"  But, then Ben was up last night not feeling well so I figured that it's a sick day anyway, just go with it.  To be on the safe side, I went to see our favorite Dr. Sutler and paid her $20 to tell me Ben has a cold.  "Thank you!"  So, with my boy home and my girl also fighting a cold we hunkered down this afternoon and had ourselves a good old fashioned Midwesteren cold day.  While Em was at kindergarten Ben and I hung out.  He watched tv and played with his figures while I caught up on the laundry and a last bit of holiday decorating that required my attention.  I was in my glory!  A day...a whole day, minus an hour to visit the doc and pick up some McDonald's for my boy.  When Em got home there was  more hanging out and a trip to the video store for a new Wii game to try and the Prince Caspian movie to watch.  We even laid on the couches in the basement and watched Charlie Brown's Christmas.  BLISS I TELL YOU!

We needed this!  A day to just hand out.  No obligations, no errands, no outsiders...just the Dows, enjoying our cozy home and resting.  I swear with all the obligations during the holiday season my children are missing that quiet down time, even on the weekends.  The time they need to just be peaceful and do nothing.  I haven't heard one "I'm bored" all day!  I started addressing my Christmas cards, caught up on all the laundry and maybe tonight I'll get some wrapping done.  Even if I don't, I don't care.  It was nice to just be home today.  I know Ben could have gone to school but I'm glad I didn't make him.  I didn't even pick up his school work.  It will be there tomorrow.  Tonight is breakfast for dinner and a fire in the fireplace and more "hanging out".  I got a happy surprise today...time...extra time...a catch up day to just "putz" as my mother puts it.  And I loved it.  It put me in a happy peaceful mood.  It made me get excited for the holidays.  And if nothing gave me a chance to pump my kids with some extra vitamin C and liquids and some extra time to just...CATCH UP!!!!

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