Friday, December 19, 2008

I am Worse than a KID @ Christmas!

So, it's 2am and I am here, on the computer, wide awake, because I am hearing the ice tick on my window and wondering if school will be canceled.  Either way, there will be disappointment in the house.  Ben says he's up for a snow day because his teacher told them their holiday party will be the Friday they return to school after break and  it will be a New Year's party (fun!)  Emily on the other hand really wants her party tomorrow so there will be tears.  Mom  is pulling for  a snow day because I would love to finally have a day in our jammies where we HAVE to stay home because it's just too darn dangerous to go outside!  I hear Christmas music (mom got me the new Josh Grobin's awesome!)  and I smell cookies baking, I think I will clock some hours in my scrapbook room some Christmas television with the kiddos and maybe take a snooze since it's now 2:45 and I've been up since 2am!  

So, here's to a snow day to all, may your home be toasty, your fireplaces roaring, your creativity flowing and your merry heart singing..."Deck the Halls"  to all!

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