Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two of my FAVORITE Holiday Decorations

I am happy to report that on this day, the 10th of December, 2008 I am...
1.  Fully decorated (or as decorated as I plan to be this year)
2.  Have no intention of baking any Christmas cookies other than the pre-cut GFS cookies I bought so my kids could have the fun of decorating them.
3.  I am completely caught up with my wrapping (that is going extremely well this year considering I went on a HUGE Hobby Lobby shopping spree for wrapping paper and accessories when they were all 50% off)
4.  I have had a sitter for all holiday parties...really this one is HUGE!!!
5.  I am about 80% done with my Christmas cards.

I believe this is all possible because I haven't worked at all this week, but that's ok.  It was a major week of getting things done.  My first "Christmas Moment" occurred a few weeks ago as I hung one of my favorite decorations.  This year it's a picture, instead of a tray.  It was really cute as a tray but I didn't believe it got enough "face time" so I had it reframed so I could hang it on the wall in my entry way so that even the UPS guys could see it if I could get to the door in time!  It is a wedding gift from my cousin Sara.  She cross stitched me old time Santa's and it must have taken her a million years to do.  It has so much detail and it's priceless!  She must have started making it when we were 12 just assuming I'd find some unassuming male to propose to me some day.  Well, he did and she did and now I have the most beautiful Santa picture ever...I mean it, it's one of those decorations you know you will hand down through the generations.  Not like that lovely bowl my Aunt Virginia gave me that she claims my great grandma Nelson put our beloved cranberries and rice dessert in each year.  I've never seen that bowl in my life and of course I can't get rid of it because if she was right that is just too sentimental...but I doubt it has such value.  I think she was just cleaning out her basement and decided to dump the bowl on me.  I won't do the same to my children and grandchildren.  Nope, my offspring will be fighting over the Santa picture and it will be the tool I use to get put in the very best nursing home!

My other favorite holiday decorations are our Christmas stockings.  They were ALL made by my mother.  SHE KNITS!  Yep, Mrs. "NO CRAFTS" can knit.  She's made all of our stockings and they are amazing and the other favorite holiday decorations in my home.  I even (in a not so sensitive manner) commanded her to get knitting because I want those stockings for my grandchildren and she needs to make extra for posterity!  I love that mother of mine!!!!

Anyway, amid all the hussle and bussle of the holiday season those two decorations help me remember the true meaning of the holiday season.  To give of yourself and be eternally grateful for all of your blessings.  Also, that it's not the store bought gifts that are treasured but those made lovingly by people who like you enough to take the time to make you something with their own two hands.  Thanks Sara and Mom!!  Love you guys!

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Debbie said...

The picture turned out CUTE!! I love the stocking, you can ask mama Dow to make me some. I would love to leard to knit....