Saturday, December 6, 2008

December ...WHAT???

OK  Father time...slow down!!!  Didn't I just post for November that I couldn't believe it was November?  And now I blink and it's December...which I might add is creeping into my least favorite month spot!  I know, I sound like Scrooge but just hear me out.  This month is CRAZY!  It's jammed packed with parties, to do lists, events and way too much stuff.  Add that it is know to be the month when my kids tend to be the most ill and you have all the makings for a month I won't cry about when it's over.  All the elements of Christmas I love, the decorating, cookie  making, card making, shopping and wrapping...LOVE IT!   But it's the doing it all under the gun and throwing in all the other obligations I can't say "NO" to and you've got your self a girl who is counting down the days until January.  January is a happy, do nothing month and that sounds awesome to me!!  I feel like that not so recent song on the radio that said something about sleeping through the month, or something like sounds good to me right about now.  Either I sleep through the month like a bear or someone has to extend the month by a good 15 days so I can take a few off and catch up.  

I am also stressing about my holiday cards.  I came up with what I thought was a cute and cleaver idea to make them and not waste paper...use what I have and borrow a bud's stamps, really conserve this year.  Without thinking I made them all and now realize that they are too big for standard envelopes.  Upon a trip to my local Staples I realized that the only possible option would be an envelope much bigger than my card and the anal girl in me is really not taking this well.  I don't want my card to swim in the envelope.  It looks so homemade and sloppy but what other choice do I have?  I even considered remaking the cards but that would defeat the entire idea of using what I have and making the most of my supplies.  So, I know I will send them, eventually, they are done and everything.  But those big envelopes...ugh!  

Did anyone shop the day after Turkey day?  That was a really fun day.  Joey and I got a bit too excited and started out @ 3:30 in the morning.  What were we thinking?   And then we ended up at the WalMart on Weber Rd. with all the crazies circling their prey.  The best part was the coffee and donut we got from the 7-11!  But we had fun and didn't come home until ten thirty.  Got lots of shopping done and loved it! 

Well, best of luck to you this holiday season...go get em...keep your chin up...isn't it sad we all need a holiday pep talk????

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Sara said...

Can't wait to see your cards!! Don't worry about the envelopes, they get thrown away anyway!!! :)

Can't wait to see you--;)

We need to look at the calendar for January too--so we can scrap!!!(I STILL haven't finished my calendar--maybe sometime today or tomorrow!)

Love lots!! xoxo