Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Mine


I know I am a bit early but maybe I am the very first to say it to you so that's special right?  I have been trying all day to be in the Valentine mood...because I was the happy room mom today for the kindergarten room and the 4th grade.  I do like being a room mom and secretly it's the best way to see my kids enjoy some of the best moments of being a kid (and getting the photo evidence!)

So their Valentines turned out GREAT and dumb me...I didn't get a photo of either kid's masterpieces!  Ugh!  But, I'll tell you about it...Ben's valentines were mini ipods made out of small conversation boxes covered in red construction paper and string for the headset complete with mini Reece peanut butter cup earphones.  Emily handed out homemade animal print bracelets with a note that says "I'm wild about you".  They all turned out pretty cute.  Ben's Valentine box we made into a giant ipod.  
Do you remember the fun of delivering each Valentine card to your classmates and then the sheer joy of reading all the notes to you?  It's like blog reading every day as an adult.  Ben has saved every valentine card since kindergarten and I still catch him pulling them out to read every now and again.  It's pretty cute!

I have to run and take Ben to Tae Kwon Do but let me be the first to say "Happy Valentine's Day to you...Be Mine...Say Yes...Kiss Me"...ok maybe that went a bit too far...but have a LOVEly weekend.  I will post some more 365 photos soon!


Sara said...

Seriously, you are TOO crafty! My kids just had a blast writing in their names to the generic "Hannah Montana" and "Kung Foo Panda" cards!! Too cool!

We are off to FL tomorrow--we will bring you back some sunshine!! Love ya lots--when we return, we HAVE to get together!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sissy!! I enjoyed scraping with you this morning and making some Valentine cards. I will be your Valentine!!
Hugs amd Kisses to the kids.
Love, Kiki

Megan said...

Happy Valentine's Day! You must post the story about Ben Dow and the 4th grade play. I think that would bring a lot of joy to many people. And lots of laughs!