Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Bit of 365....

I feel orange today.  Kinda better than I have all that's good.  I got my toes painted all cute this morning.  Red.  For Valentine's Day.  It felt good to soak my feet in warm water and have them rubbed while being massaged by a chair.  Especially after being sick all week.  So, I have cute toes, I am coming close to the end of my 2008 year book and I got all my 2007 photos organized for the LOM (Library of Memories-Big Picture Scrapbooking-Stacy Julian) class I start next week.  I also made homemade chocolate chip cookies, started Emily's Valentines (I will post those when we finish), and folded my last load of clothes from yesterday's marathon laundry mission.  I have been a busy girl today. 

 Anyway, I had the chance to download my latest 365 photos and I wanted to share some of them with you.  Em is standing on the Joliet Park District ice rink...we've discovered "Open Skate" during the weekday afternoons and we've had quite a blast going skating in the afternoons (good exercise for the thighs).   I also took one of Ben at Tae Kwon Do.  The first 5 minutes of class is "meditation time" and I really think Ben enjoys this down time.  For those of you who "Facebook" you may remember the day I spent organizing 1038 Lego pieces (made a rookie parenting error on Christmas Eve when we didn't limit him opening ALL his Lego boxes, thus mixing all the pieces.)  It ended up being quite an undertaking but one that Ben and I took on with thought and determination and although it took over 3 hours...we were able to locate and organize all the pieces...(side note: I am not the crazy nut my darling husband thought I was for saving every applesauce and mandrine orange cup...they proved quite handy in the Lego organizing department...YEAH MOM!)   Some days I have more than one photo to share so I use the smaller pockets below and eliminate or double up the journaling.

I am finding that I either have too many options for each day or not enough.  One day this week I took a photo of all the Lia Sophia jewelry boxes that were delivered from our "Mother/Daughter Jewelry Party".  Other days I find myself wanting to capture the moment one photo I took of Ben and our neighbor (his bud) Dylan playing Playstation one morning before school.  I want to remember how important "Play Time" is to Ben.   His world revolves around playing ... still.  Some day it will revolve around girls and friends.  ***sigh*** 

 Anyway, some weeks I keep up quite well and other weeks, like this week, I put the week together in a day or so.  Today is that day ... so have a great weekend...I'll post our Valentines when we finish...Ben's are pretty cute too...and keep taking those photos ladies!
ps.  I have to give kuddos to Comcast's "ONDEMAND"'s amazing!  I can pull up a kid friendly, vintage cartoon at whim and keep the girlfriend busy while I spend time clicking away at the computer...thanks Comcast!

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