Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girls Only Day!

Although I am not in the habit of letting my children frequently miss school, I did offer a "treat" to the girl to help ease the pain of Mom going back to work full time (really?  Forty nine days=Full Time?)  Anyway, I told her we could have a special Mom and Sissy day...ya games...ride bikes...make cookies...the whole day just doing fun things...TOGETHER!  So last Wednesday was our day.  We started by playing some "Guess Who"  (a classic & a favorite!)


We then moved on to cookie making...I let her do EVERYTHING by herself!  That little genius has even mastered my Kitchen Aid!




It was a glorious pre-spring day so we took advantage by making a few trips around the block with Miss Honey.  Em rode her bike, I walked/ran.  Nice!

After showering and gussying up we proceeded to do a few errands and met Chris at Panera for lunch.  Her favorite place!

Finally, we topped off the day with Mom and Daughter pedicures.  When you have a gift card and an up coming Florida trip you simply HAVE to have nice toes!  (She held my hand while we sat in the chairs...I really love this little girl!)

It started out being a day for help her get through the rest of the school year with a little less Mom but I think it ended up being a gift to me.  She's such a little happy ray of sunshine and I am SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER!   I think in the coming weeks when I'm tired or frazzled or frustrated I am going to will myself to think about our Girls Only Day and remember how lucky I really am!


Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

What a great treat for both of you! I love the look of concentration on your daughter's face when she's making the cookies. You both look so happy getting pedicures....nice toes!

Heather said...
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Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

Hi again Amy, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I know what you mean...I love just hanging out with my kids, relaxing and not having to always rush. Enjoy your spring break with your kids. Have fun:)

Anonymous said...

I want a copy of the picture of Emily up close with cookie dough on her face!! Aunt Kiki needs that picture bad!